Broken sleep makes you fat

Yup me and the dog - inflating as I write


So today’s hidoues dietary news is that a broken nights sleep slows the metabolic rate down so much you get fat. If you want to read it and weep here is the link to the article

This in light of the fact I have been recently starving and surprisingly putting on weight and not sleeping. Thank you God of fatty foodies. I am the incredible inflating woman.

So smarty Doctor type people what the heck are we supposed to do about that?

Keep a large wooden post by the bed and hand it over to one of the family and say – ‘Just wallop me with that about 11pm please and then’, thrusting a mysterious glass bottle in their other hand, instruct ‘Just bring me round with these smelling salts at 7.30am. Thanks. OK






THUD. Splat.

Body of a supermodel, head like a potato.

Nope didn’t think so.


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