T-Bone! When you ask for a T-Bone in these parts you get one.

Can you believe the size of these beauties? T-Bone steaks from Roddy Butcher – who is not called butcher but is known as butcher – absolute belters. Long suffering husband proferring them before they are put into a secret marinade for 20 minutes. It’s only a secret cos long suffering husbands new restaurant will be serving it soon.  There were 10 of us. 10 of these. As you can see when put together they look a little like we are completing a cow jigsaw. Vache – the rebuild. To be honest I don’s scoff a great deal of steak …but having tasted this meat I am hooked, hung and confirmed meaty forever. You could cut it with a spoon. Even the teenagers amongst us were impressed, and as they are officially never impressed by anything then I think you understand the gravitas of this beefy situation.

The original beast was Shaun MacDonald”s a farmer from Dingwall – I found out Roddy butcher by nature but not by name delivers. Guess what I want for Christmas., birthday, Easter, Mothers Day, Lent, Canada Day?


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