Stags, rib of beef, Yorkshire puds & The Perfect Storm – Day 3


Woke up this morning in the NW of Scotland, the highlands to this sight. A stag. A great Monarch of The Glen right outside our bedroom window. as soon as it saw me it was like a shot – well I was naked and had no make-up on so can you blame it. Still I managed to get  a quick snap before it louped over the fence and away.

As I lay there contemplating what an amazing place Scotland is – yes it is! – my mind tailed back to last nights meal. Lordy. Are you ready for this.

Roast rib of beef.  Locally sourced from the west, and roasted to perfect.  Along with celeriac – look like an extra from Dr Who, and look at the yorkshire puds. Wahay!

Beef ready for a roastin' mamaRoasty toastie!Roasty toastie!


Yorkshire pudding! What a beezer.


Roasty toastie!UFO UFO? No celeriac.


For pud we had ice cream, meringues and raspeberrys before an enthusiastic game of ping pong and then face down. When we awok this morning it was to this news. News of The Perfect Storm…..a real one, coming our way. Yup the west is to be deluged with rain, wind and stormy nasties. So more food then. And fires. And jigsaws and ping pong and cards.

Does this mean finally George Clooney will manifest himself in my life ni a cable knit jumper with a captains hat on his head and a twinkle in his eye? Well as we batton down the hatches. I live, as ever, in hope, with camera in hand and optimisim in my heart.


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