Day 2 West Coast – we eat, we drink, we’re merry.

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I don’t know about you but it is a tradition that the long suffering husband and I have followed since the day we met  that we just  go mad on night one of any holiday. And we did. With that glorious food (yesterdays blog)  was the glorious wine. Some of the swally we glugged…well more of that later. So.  Day 2 of our holdiay was slightly less lively. Well I was. And as dry day turned into tentative  night we had yet another extravaganza of delights which fairly perks a jaded boozer up I can tell you.

We kicked off with seafood bisque. The shells from the previous

Bisque - lordy lordy bisque

nights langoustines were crushed, fried and transformed  into a wonderful creamy rich flavoursome bowl of YES!

The monumental ham along with all meaty delights in the areas was sourced from Roddy Butcher. Butcher by name, butcher by nature, though his name is actually Roddy MacLennan To describe Roddy is like….well remember Local Hero? well this is Gordon. Jack of all trades, master of even more than that. So the big slam bam thank yuo ma’am ham he delivered emerged caramelised, sticky, sweet, salty and divine served with local mashed tatties and a fine collection of buttered carrots & beans. We were in nirvana. Wherever that is.

 A wonder of sweet stickiness.
Roast Loch Carron ham - thank you piggy malone.
As James Brown would say 'bring it on'

Wine? Well of course. Banter? Naturally? And I – being a pathetic shark – hit the sack early doors. Having imbibed more than a gallon of water personally looking forward to waking up the next day fresh as a daisy and raring to go. The main reason? The breakfasts. You won’t be able to believe your eyes, nose, mouth or throat when I show you what breakfast consists of in these parts. So tomorrow will be dedicated to the breakfast….it has to be done …it may spoil breakfast for you wherever you are forever but them’s the breaks.

Oh and teenwolf is onboard – his blog his here he has a slightly different take on the carry on. Mainly, men, mud and trucks.

Until tomorrow…………….dreaming of food………….


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