What is French for scrum? Ask Teenwolf.

Oh dear he has started reading this - about him!

Well he’s only gone and done it. The one who I accuse of doing nothing and a lot of it has gone off and started his own blog. Well he has bagged up a page whether or not he actually gets round to doing anything is another thing altogether.

Not only that but he has started reading the book I wrote about him — The Nappy Years. Oh dear. This is going to blow a few myths out of the water. So distraction techniques are on the cards.

Shall I provoke a reaction?
Well breathing seems to do that to be honest. So how about this.


Lying on the dining table I found his usual pile of paper, books, files, CD’s, scraps of paper, pens etc. and there on top was a piece of paper with the title French Essay. Good on him I thought as I shoved everything into a heap to liberate one end of the table. And then I took a closer look.

Then at the bottom of the essay I saw this….(you may need to double click to see this clearly).

I rest my case....or ma valise


Yes, the staring at the paper he had been doing was nothing to do with French – he was studying this – a rugby move. The priority above all. The most important thing in the world. Apparently.

Now let’s see if he answers back.


Well he will if he puts down that damn book.


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