Teenwolf Day 2 – The Alien Concept.

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24 hours ago I gave Teenwolf a laundry basket, with these instructions, ‘nothing will be washed unless it gets put in here’. So it was with great trepidation and an ill-advised feeling of optimism that I trudged through the detritus in his room this morning. Gas mask on face and long stick in hand I made my through to the new concept,

The alien concept, the new and in my case very welcome member of the household. The laundry basket.

Imagine my shock? Despair? Or to be truthful feeling of resignation as I glanced in to find ?

One sock.

Not even two. Just one.

Lucky for the wolf he is at school or if I, with the help of a couple of sherpas, would got out of the corner of that room FAST and gone through him like a dose of salts.

BUT. He was at school- chatting no doubt. That is a family failing.

Anyway, needing a drink – a coffee I don’t start the hard stuff until much later – well a wee bit later – I made my way to the coffee machine in the kitchen.

To be more specific the Nespresso machine  which I purchased during a particularly hormonal day after seeing George Clooney advertising them. Swoon. If it brings Clooney calling I thought I’m having one of those. I am still waiting. Looking at the state of me it’s just as well. George would just runaway to be honest.

So slumped on a kitchen stool sipping my ‘Cosi’ with extra creamy milk and a biscuit I looked over at the two bemused mutts. Sensing despair Sam, the lab (the lights are on and nobodys home) came shuffling over to offer me a gift.

She often offers potatoes, eggs, apples, bits of paper, shoes whatever she has found and secreted on her beanbag. ‘Thank you’ I said as she thumped her tail on the kitchen floor and released the gift into my hand.

It was only the other bloody sock.

The matching pair from The Lone Ranger sock in the laundry basket.

No - she always looks like she has just been hit. She hasn't.

So she must have been in the basket to retrieve it which explains the mono sock.

Either that or Teenwolf only put one in there. But my blood pressure can’t take that thought.

I am sticking to my guns though – and at this rate the carpet – I am not washing anything that doesn’t go into that basket.

So Teenwolf came back from school.

My jaw was set but I refrained from saying a word.

‘Hi Mum’ he said and gave me a big hug – nowadays this is just to compare his height against mine – he is a good 5” taller than me which amuses his testosterone flushed form rather than a genuine hug of affection. Still you take it where you can get it.

Day 3 tomorrow…..things can only get better. And to help the day let’s have a bit of George….swoontastic.


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