Scottish scallops? The best in the world.

Fish on a friday! Scottish seafood on a friday even better. Here is a wee clip of John Quigley and I cooking up a storm…well actually it’s scallops and he’s cooking I am just watching and eating. Slurp. A little trip down memory lane to Room At The Top but this recipe looks as good as the day it was whipped up. Have  a wee look if you have a momento and make it for your tea!

And whilst I’m at it if you’re in Glasgow get thee to Red Onion– John’s restaurant – as ex chef of Bryan Adams and Guns N Roses he knows how to flop up delicious delight and John’s chat is legendary so what are you waiting for?

Here is the man in action. Cheeky monkey.

I am off to travel back from the North where I have been working for a couple of days….crampons at the ready there’s snow business like snow business – AGAIN!


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