Lady Gaga understated as usual.

Snigger, snort, tee hee

Lady Gaga. On the runway for Theirry Mugler.What can we say? 


1. excessively and foolishly enthusiastic: The public went gaga over  new fashions.

2. ardently fond; infactuaed: He’s gaga over the new lass  in class.

3. demented; crazy; dotty.

or is she cynically created by her ‘people’ to be the most outrageous meat wearing business woman on the planet?

Or maybe I’m the cynical one. But well…here’s my case. For the latter.

Pictured here an undeniably pretty girl.  Pink bra, lounging on couch, shiny hair and a nice smile but about as memorable as a……? em….sorry I forgot what I was going to say.

Lady Gaga – before ‘the change’ 


Hmmmn…. scratches shiny haired head, what can I do to draw more attention to myself? So she wraps herself in ham or bacon or a nice proscuitto and the world goes mad. Mission  accomplished as she accepted an award wearing the contents of the fridge. But the best thing about the whole night  was Cher’s face. Look at it !  Absolutely seething. Furious. Unable to hide her petted lip. Her grumpy chops (meat reference intentional) are set as you can see her thinking ‘I am a 64 year old woman  for Gods sake and I am practially naked – stare at me!’ Problem is Cher straddled a large gun in a music video about 15 years ago wearing the same gear sorry Cher been there, done that, got the horrible flashback. In case you didn’t clock the original backward speedo, tights, and a big wig then here it is….Cher….means dear in French. Dear dear dear.

Cher in the 1980's - taking recycling a little far pitching up in the same string vest


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