Jamaica? No she went of her own accord. Happy days.

Your responsible broadcaster...a minimalist in training

It’s 8am in the morning, Jamaica, broadcasting with a hangover, a fag, a stained piece of paper on which lies a no doubt illegible scrawl, a half eaten sausage on a plate, whistling and ignoring the fresh fruit on the table behind. Memories like the corner of my mind.

This photo was found in the basement of the radio station when they were ferreting around so as I am on this week I thought it would show you the cleansed toned person in action. The main difference now is ….em…well I don’t smoke. That’s about it really.

I had great fun on air yesterday.

Lots of calls, texts and e mails from all over the place.

So if you were one of them then thanks.

My day was made when a fire station in Philadelphia sent a picture of their big shiny fire engine. Ah the joy.

The technical stuff was a challenge as its more star ship enterprise and less steam driven. 4 screens, 4 mice, phones and a mic. That’s about it.

I will take some photos of the studio and post them tomorrow so you can see – for once – I am not exaggerating,

If you can tune in today do.

Online at Forth, Clyde, Tay, Northsound, Westsound and Oban Fm too!

On Digital you get the best signal……if you don’t have a digital radio yet then what are you waiting for? Prices of them is down hugely and it opens up a world of radio possiblities.

Or Medium wave… you will get the frequencies online at the relevant website. Until 2pm ….hasta la vista.


Writer & broadcaster.

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