Dynamite ramping up for a day to remember – with the aid of photographs and an overhead projector.

Di and I ready to roll

Today is going to be wild.

There I said it.

No not Teenwolf he will be face down asleep for hours yet.

No today is all about Dynamite, my oldest and dearest pal – well after today definitely oldest is celebrating her birthday.

The plan?

Well a table of 23 women having lunch at an undisclosed location in Scotland’s Capital.

Undisclosed? You may think how pretentious!

Well not really, the proprietors would want us to keep it schtumm, after all which self respecting bloke would go into a loud shrieking horror environment like that?

My Dad took me to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play like this!

Especially when it is the last rugby international of the year and they want geezers with empty beer bellies and big wallets to enter their premises.


Scotland V Italy.


So kilt clad rugby fans will be rollocking around the town, as will thousands of Italians who also love to party.

Oh God Alisons they've found me in your room!

It’s a bit like the Perfect Storm.

3 different party fronts all heading slowly but surely towards the epicentre.

You may recall in the film, the weather men didn’t realise what was going on until there was no going back.

A situation the publicans of Edinburgh will be able to identify in just a few hours.
So as Teenwolf sleeps, his hypocrite mother is getting ready to roll and put a rock in front of that – it’s my turn to behave badly today. A speciality of the house.

Photos may or may not be posted tomorrow depending on one thing. How much money the girls will give me not.  Money will go to Comic Relief and will provide a huge relief.


Writer & broadcaster.

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