Dynamite, curling & Teenwolf answers back. Help?

Dynamite's birthday lunch -start the wy you mean to go. PINT!

Breathing toxic air– I awoke from a short night fitful alcoholic related sleep to recall my pals husband Callum was teaching us to curl yesterday morning. Sunday. At 9.30am !  The reason for the scrunchy face was Dynamites birthday lunch – the day before which went on for 9 1/2 hours.  I blame the rugby. Scotland won their match with Italy and then as Ireland and England started to play the whole bar went wild – so it would have been rude to leave mid-way so we stayed til the end. The bitter end. Yeuch.

So back to the curling. What a day to start. Firstly, I cannot recommend curling after a wild birthday party. It was cold.

LSH & Callum practice formation dancing - sorry I mean curling.

Well obviously I suppose.  The atmosphere of an empty ice rink laid out for curling is quite unique and much like a smell or a sound it can evoke memories which hit you like a slap on the chops. So I burst into tears. Great start Alison, and as the snottering ensued  lots of scared men in in cosy jumpers averted their eyes. Oh God I love being a woman. I surprised myself to be honest. The memories of all those years ago with my dear Dad who died 3 years ago was too much, with hangover, hormone, lack of sleep and no breakfast. I couldn’t be sure an egg would stay down.

We soon perked up though, as I slid about on my knees, and we all hooted and h hollered at how appalling we were. Our pal Leo had been at a stag night so him and I were in the same ballpark of shake and thus we indulged in much knee sliding and general buffoonery. But you know what ? We’re hooked.

I told my Mum.

Oh she said your Dads curling brush is here if you would like it, it’s hollow so you can fill it with whisky.

Ah so I blame him. It runs in the family. Why fight it?

PS Teenwolf is not mentioned today as he is threatening to start his own blog – Teenwolf Answers Back this could back fire badly.  Money may  haPreview postve to change hands. Does he have a case?
Teenwolf Evidence Day 1
Teenwolf Evidence Day 2

Teenwolf Evidence Day 3

Should he answer it?


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