Daniel Craig in a dress.

I always thought Daniel Craig took himself just a bit too seriously. It seems as he took to the catwalks today dressed as a woman to highlight the plight of women in the world. I stand corrected. He makes a point in pantyhose.

Sashaying down the catwalk he does have the look of a man who agreed to do this after a few beers for a bet and is horrified he must see it through. Bless him. Next year maybe he’ll dress as a pancake as of course it is also Shrove Tuesday.

Just one question…..who is going to campaign for all the women traumatised by seeing the gorgeous Speedo wearer in a frock. I am off to google Brosnan and Connery and to keep my and your heart beating…here is the male version.

Here is the full article on a more serious note. Well not that serious he’s in a dress for gods sake.

Of course I was going to use it as an excuse to print this.
Speedos.....dear God.


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