Cheryl Cole uses £2 face cream….whoop!

Smiling at the thought of getting rid of the dreaded Ashley
So! E45 in her handbag

Cheryl Cole, a woman who can afford any sort of exotic cream on the planet and let’s be honest even if  she coughed up for cream extracted from the horn of imaginary cashmere goats in the second moon she’d still not be short of a bob. So it warms the cockles of my dry skin that she  chooses to spend a just a few quid to slather on E45. Result.

That’s why I like Cheryl of course despite her incredible wealth and beauty you do think – aye she’d be welcome round for a baked potato and a can of Special Brew any day.

Anyway E45 is obviously a brand so get your backside into Boots of wherever and ask for some Aqueous cream – it’s the same stuff as E45 yet even cheaper….and costs practically nothing for a giant tub.

It’s true….let’s find all cheap and fabulous alternatives to giving the big cosmetic companies our hard earned cash.

Any tips…please leave comments below…

A lovely geezer called me today when I was talking about it on air and said his Dad used Snowfire which was the only thing that worked on the great sore, dry bits on his hand and it must be good cos this guy used to dig coke come rain hail and shine it was regarded as a miracle cream ( no not that sort of coke – coal coke )  Anyway it’s still around ….if you want to get some try this for your wee handies.


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