Singing dogs needed for BBC radio show….Get It On!

Been up working in Aberdeen, staying with my pal who runs a dog walking business so been traipsing the hills of Deeside with hoards of dogs.  Right up my street.

Plum - with radical haircut and Lola the Spinoni in the green room.

Staying with dogs, as I do, I came home to an e mail from Barbara Wallace the producer of Get It On which I am presenting tonight -Friday – for BBC Scotland and the theme is

What tunes does your dog respond to?

Well that really is over to you…

I remember a dalmation called Pongo in Aberdeen years ago who used to howl to Pink Floyd – yes an ancient hippy spotty dog.

My dog sits and howls like a banshee when I play the piano – mind you so does anyone else that’s within earshot.

If you have a hound of that likes to sing, whine or just wags it’s tails in time to the music..get in touch. Click here for the  Get It On website. or

Facebook just look for Get It On and you’ll find it there.

You can listen live tonight 6.10pm – 8pm BBC Radio Scotland…this wee clip might inspire you…a genuine spotty dog singing his heart out. (note large glass of win in the foreground)


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