New boots & panties – that’ll be next.

Against all odds I have turn into the sort of person who buys their dog a coat. I know. What has become of me?
Not only have I bought a coat for Flora  my half haggis half womble Greyfriars Bobby look a like but I have bought one that makes her look like a mobile bagpipe and I don’t care. I velcro her wee fat hairy body into it and am happy to be seen out in public with her.
She loves it. Blowing 90 mph gales and her belly dragging through the mud (I know how she feels) but now she arrives home spruced and delighted.
Teenwolf and long suffering husband have both refused to take her out wearing it. Fine. Have either of them looked in a full length mirror recently?

Now all I have to do is convince the almost labrador that the reason she didn’t get a coat of her own  is cos she is waterproof anyway and of course Flora is my favourite. Joking. Just wanted to see your face.


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