Love in an elevator? Or a chairlift?

Don't fancy yours much

Internet dating used to be something people mumbled about trying but were too shy to follow through. Now it’s out in the open and we all know people who have met their significant other on the internet. It doesn’t work for everyone however and with valentines looming if you are looking for ways to meet the love of your life or certainly love  of the next few weeks then help is at hand.

In Ireland there is a town called Lisdoonvarna, they have a matchmaking festival every year and people travel from all over the world to attend. The long suffering husband, teenwolf and I ended up there once by mistake. The place was wild with lots of partying and accents from across the globe. Great idea and why not?

So now it’s Scotlands turn. This valentines day rather than sitting there grimacing and wondering where the man or woman of your dreams is lurking get yourself to  the beautiful Aonach Mor.

They are running a ski single day on 14th February for singles who have never skied before but want to give it a try with the possibility of finding love  too.

The full day includes a morning lesson, a delicious lunch and then the afternoon you hook up with one of the other singles to ski, or talk and drink hot chocolate and shuffle round the slopes with potential snogging.  Nice.

This person is single for a reason. The ski suit.Take note.

According to  Dr. Niall MacFarlance of Glasgow Uni. women are naturally attracted to geezers when doing an extreme sport. So what are you waiting for? Get your groovy ski gear out, or borrow it if you don’t have any and get your bahooky up to Aonach Mor on Monday 14th February…love is in the air…

Boys get ready to preen whilst flying through the air

Girls lip gloss at hand – let me know how it goes!


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