Immortality is yours for a pie.

There’s excitement in the Craig household as the long suffering husband is about to get back into the restaurant business in Scotland’s Capital. It bades well for fun and not so well for the thighs still….several years have gone since he sold Howies and the itchy cheffy finger is getting stuck into another pie. Speaking of which.

The hunt is on for the best pie…one that you think about, dream about, lust after. We are in pursuit of a pie that people will travel the world to eat.

I whipped up a fidget pie the other day. A recipe from The Hairy Bikers it was a labour of love but worth it. Ham, apple, onion, sage, cider and cream and the key to all great pies wonderful pastry. The photos here are close ups – I meant to take more but it was scoffed instantly by the assembled throng. It supposedly fed 8-10 people or as it turned out  6 Scots. Still…seconds were the name of the game and they weren’t exactly slivers of pie more great wieldy slabs. Nice. Lip smacking.

The pie of which I dream.

Limelight NYC Madonnas 3rd arm makes a rare appearance.

I lived in a house in London in the 80’s which was literally packed with Scots & Irish people and at one time or another we all worked in The Cork & Bottle in Leicester Square. A small basement wine bar next to a sex shop it was a great wee place and without doubt they did the best cheese & ham pie in the world. Totally delicious. We spent our time eating it, making it and talking about it but not one of us can remember how we made it. Well it was a long time ago and we were too busy planning on rushing off to The Limelight the second our shift was over to dance and act the goat all night. I googled Limelight and it is now a sex club – it wasn’t then it was full of people dressed in black with back combed hair and in my case with cheese and ham pie in their belly.

So what am I on about? Oh yes. Pies. Yup. Have you got a great pie you love. Is your family pie a thing of beauty? Would you like it to  be the highlight of a menu in Edinburgh’s Restaurant world? What a lovely way to put your family on the map forever….Pie love you. I do hope it’s a yes. And if it is.

Let me know. Leave a note here and in advance myself and my thighs thank you.


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