Embarrassing bodies.

Fair enough people get embarrassing illnesses.   But why oh why would you want someone to  point a TV camera at it and broadcast it to the world?  And whilst we’re at, why would you want to watch it? Just a thought.

During my research into this fascinating question I have found some rather remarkable examples of these illnesses and yes I can see they are embarrassing. And in the case of these….pretty funny too.

See what I mean?

For example this painter from Wick’s wife noticed, when he took off his bobble hat one night, that there was something rather strange growing out of the top of his head. She admits she handled it badly, namely pointing and laughing which caused him to immediately dig himself into the ground right up to his forehead where he has remained ever since.

Do not laugh at this poor man. It is embarrassing. Stop it.

This woman puts on a brave face

 Meet Mrs. Shona MacFarlane, a working Mum of 5.  Vegetalis Grandissimo is a rare condition which strikes strict vegetarians, it is thought the patients DNA changes and they become part vegetable. Although this is an extreme case things can start small as you can see from this photograph, taken undercover at an early Vegetalis support group.

Presenting on the head is a classic early onset.
Don't let the cucumber get you down. That's the spirit.
Eye wateringly sore this particular strain.

 People have become more and more adept and incorporating their particular vegetalis into their every day life. There are some cases which are too extreme to show…Ok I will then…

Strangle banana the rarest form of the disease.

So just a salutory reminder the next time you’re complaining about your hair going grey or your bum being too big. Things could be infinitely funnier I mean worse. Have a great weekend!


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