Most glamorous boutique in Edinburgh opens Pop up shop – 90% off!

You wouldn't think this was me would you? Well it's not.

Pop up shop. Now come on this time two years ago you would have assumed that was something to do with your toaster. Pop tart. Pop up. Shop. Well I would. But then I am not quite the full shilling. So it turns out the concept of the pop up shop is no less than a brilliant marketing tool.

Late 2010 I was walking along George Street in Edinburgh when I clocked what used to be an empty shop unit bursting with clothes. Being a nosy old trout,  the snout was in and no sooner was my head round the door than someone said ‘ Austin Reed pop up shop only here for a few days ‘ and I was in like a whippet. Of course I don’t know if whippets shop at Austin Reed – mind you to be honest I don’t normally but as they were flogging  jumpers  from £10 I did that day. And I can’t tell you how happy it made me to buy things I didn’t need for considerably less than I would have expected had I bought them at normal price which I wouldn’t have because I don’t go into Austin Reed. Hmmmn. See? No me neither. But it is Brilliant marketing.

Fishing for compliments - gratuitous male model who needs clothes.

So you may ask, and it would not be unreasonable, what the hell is she wittering on about.

Well Jane Davidson – store to the stars, glamorous emporium of lovely designer clobber, frequenter of Best Boutiqe in the World lists  whose perfectly formed boutique is usually nestled in Thistle Street  is opening a pop up shop in the West End. Specifically  Stafford Street. Opening  tomorrow (28th January)  and there is up to 90% – be still my beating heart – off their stock. I am far too excited about that. Personally I need nothing, I have no money to spend and have no business to do in that part of town but guess what I will be along these like a fashion plate – well less fashion plate more industiral soup tureen. Anyway if like me you have no cash, and no reason to spend more on your credit card then I daresay I will see you there unable to resist.

Hell we could go for a coffee afterwards I can’t afford that either.

It’s open until 28 th February – you have time.


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