Live TV in a pub on a Sunday morning in Scotland – what did you expect?

Lock jaw potential hazard for this sort of thingIt started innocently enough. Coming round to mine to for breakfast to watch Andy Murray playing in the final?
Nah let’s go to the pub. And why not? It’s not every day a Scotsman gets the chance to hit the pub at 8.30am and of course they grabbed the opporunity.
Fast forward a couple of hours and poor old Andy lost, though it must be said the guy in this VT looks like he couldn’t give a monkeys about the result. I have to agree with him. After all it is too easy to lose perspective that a lad from Dunblane is in the final, is on the world stage and is one of the best players on the planet. So he didn’t win – so what? We got into the pub at half eight the morning. That is a result. And regardless of the result the boy done good. End of.

This will make you smile – it did me and well done to reporter Catriona Renton for ignoring this geezer but you have to laugh. Well I did. Flying the flag for the well controlled Scotsman on a Sunday morning. Do you know who he is? Drop me an email if you do to – after all we can all do with a laugh.


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