Edinburgh Gin? Oh yes and it’s a belter.

Edinburgh Gin - my new best friend.

I have never made any secret of the fact I love gin. LOVE IT.

The mere thought of a tumbler full of ice, a slice of lemon run round the rim of the glass then plopped in, a generous slug of gin then up to the top with tonic is something I can seldom resist.

Perfect way to start an evening, before a meal, at a party and even dare I admit (?) )yeh what the hell – a sprakling kick in the rump for lunch the day after a late night. Now being long in tooth – not that long longish – I have tasted a fair number of the years. All the expected brands and some  not so. I have never found one I didn’t like and I have found many I love but I am sorry to all previous encumbents of the accolade favourite gin of the moment I have simply fallen hook, lemon and sinker for a delicious gin a friend gave me at Christmas. The best gin in the universe?

The flavour is unlike anything I have ever had, fresh and light with an almost herbal waft – it’s not easy to describe but so excited was I on first impact I made everyone who came into our house have one – with the exception of children, animals and one parrot.  I feel it is my duty as a gin lover to share with you the discovery that may well set you ont he road to Mothers ruin too. Heather, milk thistle & juniper – sock it to me. Of course milk thistle is the herb which is good for the liver so  maybe that is why it gives me an immense sense of wellbeing just hinking about it let alone drinking it.

Here it is. Edinburgh Gin. I know I live in Edinburgh but frankly even if I lived in Paraquay this would be my favourite gin in the world. Now lick you lips and off you go

The mere sight of it has me lunging at a lemon
An Introduction to Edinburgh Gin


In 1777 there were eight licensed distilleries and almost 400 illegal stills in Edinburgh and the Port of Leith.  As gin rose to become the fashionable spirit, Edinburgh distillers, like their London counterparts, produced gin from locally sourced ingredients. Then juniper berries, spices and citrus fruits arrived daily in Leith from all over the world. These exotic ‘botanicals’ were redistilled or ‘ rectified’ together with the finest Scottish grain spirit in the time honoured fashion. Edinburgh Gin is a reminder of the days when Edinburgh was a centre of distilling expertise. It is batch distilled in “Jenny” a much treasured Scottish copper pot still using traditional gin botanicals. Then we add extra Scottish Juniper as well as heather and milk thistle. Edinburgh Gin’s clean citrus notes and aromatic Juniper make it the perfect base for a Gin and Tonic or Martini, not to mention many of the classic gin cocktails.

What makes Edinburgh Gin Special?

  • Produced using traditional methods and botanicals in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Gin returns Edinburgh to its rightful place as a centre for producing quality gin.
  • Distilled in Jenny, a Scottish Copper Pot Still.
  • Rectified together with the finest grain spirit with Scottish Botanicals such as juniper berries, milk thistle, pine and heather using a recipe that faithfully replicates gin made in Edinburgh 250 years ago.
  • Edinburgh Gin is produced in small batch quantities ensuring that only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce a refreshing, clean, crisp gin.
  • 43% ABV not 37.5% ABV ensuring Edinburgh Gin’s premium status.
  • The 1920’s are known as gin’s truly Golden era and in keeping with that theme, the bottle packaging has an art deco feel that reflects this wonderful period of cocktail parties and drinking sophistication.

I promise I am not on commission! Just IN LOVE.


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