Teenwolf nearly bursts dog

Went out yesterday 9.30 am Teenwolf was still in bed. Can you please take the dogs out when you get up it’s pouring and they won’t go out now.

A deep suspicion of hairdressers as you can see

Grumph came from under the duvet. After a full day out I came back. No teenwolf and a very rotund hairy dog uncommonly happy to see me.

Wanting out? I asked her laying down the bags I was carrying.

By way of an answer the dog cannoned downstairs to the door like an exocet missile. I opened the door and she flew through it just getting to the pavement in time to stand for about 7 minutes letting it all go. Desperate doesn’t go half way to describe the poor thing.

On teenwolfs return I asked ‘ did you take the dogs out’


Did you?

Eh no I forgot.



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