Hideous winter affliction attacks dogs.

Maisie with severe popcorn leg. Ouch.

The strange and exclusive winter affliction that is known as leg popcorn bobbles is hitting hard in these parts.
Waterproof dogs gamble, smile and wag as the wee hairy ones  drag their cold pink tums through the snow and collect hard balls of snow round their fat wee legs and stop dead in their tracks.  It seems the second they spot them they are convinced they have a near fatal disease so just shiver with rigid legs

Siberian popcorn leg from last winter - IT IS BACK

until some generous benefactor picks them up and carries them back to a carpet where they nibble frantically at these strange new white growths on their legs. Can I suggest a very tepid bath gets rid of them instantly. The problem is the dog will ignore you for a few hours but hey ho that’s leg bobbles for you. As you can see, their faces were a picture not just their legs and the contrast between being a lush, black, waterproof dog with not a care in the world versus the hairy ones is never more obvious. Maisie, a labradoodle pup had just seen snow for the first time – I suspect she will be filling out her emigration papers. Flora is my  stalwart  old mongrel but clenched and livid nonetheless as you can see.

Rear popcorn leg poking out and the face is, let's be honest, blind panic.
Popcorn leg sets in - Flora half dog half womble runs for cover - not pleased.
Waterproof dog joyful couldn't care less - WHOOP!
Hellish being a labrador, waterproof and snuggly.
The lovely Fergus - recently sledging, now resting.

Small dogs shiver as this one gets stuck right in. Turncoat and waterproof coat.


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