Edinburgh’s own Banksy does it again!

Shuffling along this morning in my usual half asleep state past the leaf man who was the talk of the steamie two weeks ago (this was the original post if you didn’t see it then  (bit.ly/aX9fL0) . After I blogged it on 25th October I got a call from the Edinburgh Evening News who had seen my post and wanted to know where he was and as a result he featured as page 3 in the paper the next day. So, anyway there I was at 9am this morning when my bleary eye alighted on this! Yes  as the leafs fall from the trees the leaf man’s sap is rising as he introduces his toddler and tweenie.

Staring at Antony Gormleys sculpture

Baby leaf keeping an eye on the older sibling.

Who is the artist ? Well intriguingly alisonsdiary.com has received an e mail from someone who knows the artist – he is apparently from aotearoa which is the Maori name for New Zealand. – the plot thickens…..
As the leaf tweenie looks out over one of Antony Gormley’s 6 times sculpture – a fellow artist –  this area is becoming an installation worth travelling to see all on it’s own. It certainly put a smile on my face this sunny Edinburgh November morning.


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