X-rated X factor

Mad Auntie Sinitta is allowed to see her patient friend Simon

Gird your loins tonight as Sinitta pitches up in the X factor – dressed like this! Oh yes grown woman of a certain age pitches up dressed like a porn starship trooper. Why?

Is it the ‘I’m only on telly once a year I might as well be naked and thus try and get the attention of the lads mags for a photo shoot or some unwanted attention from some grunting saddos slumped on couches through out the land’ syndrome?’

Don’t get it myself. It is 2010 Sinitta not 1968. There is no excuse for dressing like a 2 bit hooker and trying to get more attention on you than any of the so called hopefuls you are trying to help/mentor. Ok so she has an amazing figure but she cheapens herself beyond belief wandering around like that. I mean look! There’s Simon in his jeans and t shirt and next to him yon lassie who looks  like she has fallen off a lorry at the Rio Carnival. Mentor my foot. If that is a role model I am a monkeys uncle.

Not what I'd call a bag of spanners

Of course I will be watching tonight. How could I not. More to follow……oh  and as requested and promised a photo for the girls….

I am waiting for the postie who should have my new fitflop boots in his bag – too excited…….


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