Dynamite and Harry Potter star get together for dinner at Oloroso.

Scary Jason Isaac in Harry Potter.

So there I was last night. Slumped like a sack of potatoes on the couch, a dog under each oxter, a cup of tea in my hand, wearing my skiiing thermals,  watching crap on TV. There was nothing on last night. FOR ME?

The I get the usual call from Dynamite.

What are you doing? I asked. Expecting the answer having a QNI aka quiet night in? After the weekend we had, singing in restaurants, whisky tasting and watching the X factor twice, once half cut and then again the next day hungover. Both times it was crap by the way. I knew her stamina, like mine, would be gone and long forgotten.
No she said casually I’m going out for dinner.

‘Oh on a Monday?’ I said sounding like her mother Muriel. ‘Who with?’

Jason Isaacs. she said casually. Well that got my attention.

‘You what?’

Yes you know the guy from….

‘Harry Potter’ I blurted ‘yes I do know. How come?’

Well I know his agent and he’s filming in Edinburgh so we’re off to Oloroso for supper.

‘Well eat garlic and carry a cross’ I said ‘he’s a bit scary’.

Well what would you do if it was your pal? Of course I told her to put on her slap and report back before rolling from the couch to the floor and getting my laptop to google Jason. The photo on the right came up. Ah yes I knew he was a scary magical Harry Potter person. And then I looked again. And saw the other picture. YES THE OTHER ONE.  The non-madeup real Jason Isaacs. The, let’s be honest girls,  stoating looking bloke.

My heart sank. Poor Dynamite was going to have sit opposite this vision of loveliness and not drool. I am seeing her tonight. I am getting all the chat.

Consider this a news bulletin with a news update as soon as I get back.

That girl really!

I just know there will be a story…..there always is……meanwhile have a swoon.

It's James Bond - sorry Jason Isaac - no he could be bloody James Bond!


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