Fit Flop Fever – don’t despair there is salvation for the winter foot.

You see these legs? They are nothing like mine. Not one jot. Och well.

My Fit Flops have lived on my size 6 Aberdonian feet so consistently I think they may actually be grafted on. Yup those squishy thick soled flip flops which purport to tone up your bum and legs have taken the world by storm but on a more personal note I have not worn anything else since about May. Since I bought them.

Last week when in Majorca I noticed about 50% of the women stomping past were wearing them too. Whether or not they tone the bum they are without a shadow of a doubt the most

Gratuitous pic of firm bottom - nothing to do with Fit Flops but nice.

comfortable things I have ever worn and the trauma of arriving back in Scotland had less to do with the fact that the temperature dropped rapidly and more to do with the fact if I didn’t want hypothermia in my toes I was going to have to take off the Fit Flops and swap them for a thick sock and a very normal boot or shoe. Fit flop fever.

Yup the Fit Flop boot - proof it exists

Mooning around with my ski sock on realising I may never walk again I idly googled Fit Flop like some love sick teenager, only to discover – jesu joy of mans desiring – they are now doing a range of boots. They are! Some long, some short, some Ugg lookalike some just black stompers and so I feel my exercise regime has been given a stay of execution.

I have never walked so much in my life since the advent of the fit flop. So whether it’s the shape of them that makes you fit or the fact they are so incredibly comfy you love walking everywhere I don’t know – but they do something. For me they are a virtual aphrodisiac for the foot. Instantly I called John Lewis only to find out they are all out of stock already so I went on to a new one on me and ordered a pair. They are on the way. I will have to stay in until they arrive – well apart from tomorrow night when I am off to a wine tasting with the lady who owns Hunters wines in New Zealand.  Amazingly impressive looking lady complete with OBE and vineyards. I may wear the fit flops in their honour after all they all wear flip flops there and I will report back – fit flop fever.


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