Wild salmon caught on the River Carron – what a beauty! I thank you.

Yup ! It’s real. I caught my first salmon ever when up North West last week. A five pound beauty. Bob Kindness is the guy who is looking after the fish conservation up there and the results speak for themselves. The man is a genius. The fish are plentiful and if caught get put in a keep net until they are tagged then they are let loose to swim again. Wonderful place. Beautiful weather and fun was had by all.  Especially me winding the guys up who hadn’t been so lucky. Sorry I mean talented. No I do mean lucky.  So yet again the staycation has it’s joys. Next to gigantor – my fish – you see David’s tiddler which was caught on the loch and rapidly put back – it’s titchy!  Not that I went on about that for any more than 5 or 6 hours. A day. Since.

Ho hum.

The view from the boat over to Skye from the Loch was outstandingly gorgeous as you can see here as I try my hand at Ansell Adams style photography.

Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing over the sea to Skye......

A close up of the lucky fish - well unlucky fish I suppose


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