Paris Hilton makes easy mistake and faces 4 years in jail.

Paris holding what she believed to be a potato

‘I thought the cocaine was gum claims Paris Hilton as she was charged with cocaine possession and faces 4 years in jail’ Daily Mail August 31st 2010.


This has put me, and I am sure the wider world in a spin, who would have thought for a second that a packet of Wrigleys Spearmint Gum could be mistaken for the Peruvian marching powder that has been the demise of many an A list celebrity.

Al Pacino snorted tons of this in Scarface

So beware – watch out! Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring the next time your mouth feels like the bottom of a budgies cage and you stuff your hand into your bag for a packet of chewing gum – woah back there. Step away. That shit could be your downfall. How can you be sure it isn’t cocaine? Eh how can you be sure.? Yeh OK its a chunky white shiny minty tasting chew ball but as you sink your incisors in there – are you positive it isn’t masquerading as a white powder that makes you speak utter shite, ramble on for hours in an irritating way and end up with you being chased by the local constabulary. Huh! thought not. Consider yourself warned.


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