Fringe performer suffers anaphylactic shock.


Gargoyle songbird gets anaphylatic shock.

Just back from watching the Oxford Gargoyles a group of ten incredible talented young students who kept me spellbound with their remarkable vocal talents. Harmonies so precise, perfect phrasing and humour to boot it was cracking. From the Beatles to Beyonce and Nina Simone in between this lot are outstanding and incredibly dedicated to produce work of this remarkable standard.

How dedicated became apparent when I heard that one of their number had been feeling a little unwell the other day so went off to see a Dr. who prescribed an antibiotic. After popping the pill suddenly her throat began to close up and she went immediately into anaphylactic shock. Rushed to hospital she lay on a drip thankful to be alive and the first thing she said when she could talk was she was worried sick(er) about letting The Gargoyles down.

Step up Callum Au, her boyfriend – who went tanking down to C Venue on Chamber street just in time for the performance , leapt onto the stage and took her place. All the others were in black dresses and suits and Callum was in his jeans and t-shirt. A talented geezer in his own right, part of the 5 star review Harmonics, he was warmly welcomed by the audience and sang soprano surprisingly effectively for a grown man.

Unbelievably she was back on stage this afternoon singing like a bird !  I would be in my dressing gown on the couch commanding grapes be peeled for me with a cold compress on my forehead.  She admitted to feeling a little under the weather – oh to be young and robust – what a star!  On every afternoon at  3.45pm at C Venue, Chambers Street til Sunday.


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