Dafties, Ronnie Corbett, rose wine & 5 Guys Named Moe!

Another daftie in a striped jumper

Shuffling through town went into a funny wee antique shop opposite David Banns vegetarian restaurant on Jeffrey Street. As we walked in Mum says in a loud voice ‘oh look at that daftie trying on that horrible old mans jumper’   It was a woman, daftie or not, and she was not trying on a horrible old mans jumper but in fact just wearing it whilst perusing the goods in the shop. We had to leave and laugh outside, alone. For the rest of the day we saw the same woman in her multi-coloured swap shop jumper everywhere we went. Yes it was foul but still no need to shout about it mother.

Rose wine at The Pleasance courtyard far too quaffable – to the extent thought I saw Ronnie Wood Rolling Stone – strolling crone

Ronnie or John?

– but thanks to journalist Claire Smith who pointed out it was actually John Cooper Clarke – poet of madness who has been kicking around for as long as I remember which is why I am amazed I forgot. Aye watch that rose it”s damn near hallucinagenic.

Legs getting shorter with all this walking around. Five Guys Names Moe at The Underbelly– great show. Sat next to Ronnie Corbett who made me feel better about my leg length. He was in with his glamorous wife and family. There was a standing ovation at the end of this cracking production and if you like great singing, dancing and remarkable talent – can recommend this highly. If you don’t then what the f*** is wrong with you?

Congratulations to The Book Festival toilets – they are clean, light, bright and the best ones I have been to this fringe. Yes I am at the stage where these things matter just a bit too much. In fact I think I’ll go back later.

And yet again I urge you to go and see Adam Riches Rides! Funny as hell – 4pm The Pleasance. Off to blow more hard earned cash tanking round the city like a loon…..

See you at the bar!


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