Cafe Marlayne – outstanding!

Just round the corner from Frederick Street

Heard about it for years. Finally got there last night. Cafe Marlayne in Thistle Street. The chat is she is Pierre Victoire’s sister – I don’t know if that’s true but  whoever she is she runs a wonderful restaurant.  We were in at 6.45pm on our way to a show or 3 and had scallop with French black pudding – to be honest I am not a big black pudding eater but this was wonderful stuff. Then halibut which was perfectly cooked. A bottle of wine, a few bits of baguette slathered in butter and we were happy. Excellent wee place. Book though – we were just lucky.

Then it was off to The Hard Rock Cafe where Absolute Radio (used to Virgin now called Absolute)  were hosting a showcase with Mojitos – which we glugged into frankly too quickly. After watching The Courteeners we splattered along George Street to Ghillie Dhu for another show. All I will say is if you can’t think of anything to say don’t say anything at all.  On the way home clocked a geezer slumped in a doorway having dropped his chips. He looked more like a lawyer than a dosser so we called the police as the chip shop had been shut for hours in case he was on his way out. Bed by 3am , sore head look like it will last all day and well into next week.


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