10 years younger instantly.

My face? A chimps arse? Which is which?

A wild weekend shows in every way these days. And so this morning I get online with a face like a chimps backside.  There is an email saying ‘how to look 10 years younger instantly’ and I click on it. Before I even look at it, I click away disgusted with the state of myself.  How to look 10 years younger instantlyfor heavens sake . I know the only way this would be possible is by gathering the folds of skin that hang from my chops into a bunch and using a clothes peg at the back of the head to hold it in place. Then I would have to wear a hat to hide the peg holding the gathers of flesh –  and then I would look even worse than I do just now. How to look 10 years younger instantly? Lose your glasses or don’t look in a mirror. And that’s free.

Watching a program about gorillas last night on BBC2. A teenage gorilla went loping off into the jungle. The narrator commented ‘raging hormones and aggressive tendencies means he distances himself from the group ‘Remind you of anyone? I asked teenwolf pointedly. ‘Yes you’. He said not missing a beat. Fair point.


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