East Coast Train slow? You get cash fast. Whoop!

This is the sort of hat only beige and on a bus.

Credit where credits due.

Yup that’s just the sort of thing these funny old wifies that inhabit the ground floor of buses wearing those funny wee hats would say. And anyway who the hell sells those hats? They are bloody awful. I digress.

A couple of weeks ago on a journey by train to London there was a delay, a hold- up, a carry on. For some unknwon reason  we were wheeched off the main line to Allanton, or Allerton or began with an ‘A’ somewhere near the Borders to sit and stare out the window for 40 minutes. As we all sat silent and huffy  the guard came along, thrust leaflets into our hands and announced ‘This is our new policy it’s compensation for delay fill it in and get some money back’.

Poor guy had carriage loads of sceptics, and I was one, rolling their eyes at him, nodding and thinking  ‘Aye ya fantasist that’ll be shining bright but give me a form anyway’.

But today, less than two weeks since my journey and less than 10 days since my claim I received a cheque.  A cheque for the princely sum of nearly £50 !  If a man in a train drivers uniform had just happened along the road at that point I would have kissed him. I would.

On closer inspection though in the form of a cheque it turns out the amount has to be redeemed against another ticket. Fine. I am off to Newcastle to see my pal next week so perfect.

So thank you East Coast Rail. Hat on.  Credit where credits due. Hat’s off.  Impressed.


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