Edinburgh’s Mexican disgrace – us.

The girls before...

Come round to mine at 5 was the word and we’ll have a couple of drinks then slope off up to Tex Mex for a meal about 7.

2 hours drinking on an empty stomach hhhmmmnn I thought, I will take precautions I will practice saying out loud.

‘No more for me thanks I have had an ample suffiiciency. No more for me thanks I have had enough’

I practiced in the shower, I practiced in the mirror, I practiced on the car on the way round. (Oh I’ve just remembered I left my car there I better go and get it now). Which gives you the rest of the story that practice, certainly in my case,  does not make perfect. I forgot my new mantra instantly when faced with a glass full of wine and just swigged it back, talking and laughing all the way.

All the way to Tex Mex at 7pm where it would have made sense to stick to the wine. Another phrase in my ‘To Learn Handbook’.  ‘No thanks I will stick to the wine. No I’m sticking with the wine thanks’ as opposed to the reality which was  the second we burst through the door of the restaurant ”A Marguarita?!!!??? Why the hell not!  And make it a jug’

Or 2

or 3

or more.

In fact we had mango maguaritas too. I was in good company and  not alone in my mission to drink the restaurant dry of tequila and of course it is the perfect accompaniment to the kilos of delicious food we also horsed down.

Chimichangas, burritos a  tacos salad which was the size of your average coffee table and the ubiquitous tortilla chips covered in melted cheese and jalapenos. Slurp.

Some Mexican ears M'lud.

The damage – not to our livers that is inestimable  – but to our purses at the end of this feeding and drinking frenzy?  We cowered as the waiter approached with the bill. Gulp.  It was £30 per head! I wondered if I was seeing things, imagining things, was perhaps in the grip of tequila madness ? But no. It was correct. We were ecstatic. We are considering moving in if the owner doens’t slap a ban on our loud guffaws and general rammy.

Right I’m off to  get my car which I am likely to forget about unless I go now…it’s the hormones you know……or the drink..or because my brain is so full of stimulating information it has no room left for minutae ….no it is the drink..  OK I must take Ginko Biloba for my memory.I must take Ginko Biloba for my…oh bugger it I’ll never remember to buy it and if I do I sure as hell will forget to take it.  Revert to type Alison the truth is ….I quite fancy a Mexican……


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