A 50th birthday party – did you say 50!

A role model for the deranged Aberdonian circa 1980

Yup. Two OLD friends are celebrating their 50th this weekend in London. Two folk I have known since I was 15 – adding it up it’s over 30 years.  Alan is from Aberdeen and Didier from France and they have been the best of pals since they were pen pals in the late 70’s. Pen pals seems like an expression the antiques roadshow would give a value to these days. but in those days schools often coupled together people of different ages who lived in different cultures from different parts of the world and they would exchange letters to learn about each others lives.
Well these two not only learnt about each others lives they became  a huge part of each others lives and still are.

After corresponding for a few months Didier came over to visit Alan for the summer holidays and ever summer after that as a result they have been best pals from that day to this. We all have. Which is why tonight  in London as we scrub up and wander along to talk and dance and laugh we will, as we always do, revert to those days. AC/DC, Afghan coats, bottle of Martinis consumed in parks, Silvermachine, motorbikes, the band practice in the garage, the only two things missing – thank God – are wild snogging on doorsteps before the curfew to be home and  hormones uncontrollable and vile.

Drinking water in anticipation.


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