Strathcarron Hospice Fundraiser in Falkirk. A Great day out!

450 women in one room, on the day after the World Cup starts in Polmont.

No they weren’t all gathered to escape the joys of the football mad male. Annually the Strachcarron Hospice organises a fund raising lunch for ladies and what a lunch it turned out to be!

7 at a time please SLURP!

Angela Gillies organised the whole jing bang which went off without a hitch. So well done to her.  From the glass of chilled Fizz as we walked in, to the delicious cupcake on the way out it was a great day The MacDonalds, Inchyra Grange Hotel did us proud too. It’s not easy to cater for that many people and produce excellent food, on time, hot and tasty. The toffee profiteroles are on my list  to stuff my face with again as soon as I can.

Vuvuzela! Nightmare noise!

The volume level was high. Really high. In fact you know those annoying tooteroo type things the football fans are all blowing in South Africa – well it was a heck of a lot louder than 450 of those being blown in unison.  Talking to the Lord Lieutenant
Marjorie who was sitting at our table  she told me she had been at Stirling Castle the day before for the 21 Gun salute to celebrate the Queens birthday and before they started she had been given ear plugs. Her husband suggested on Sunday as she got ready to leave that with 450 women in the room she should take them along. Cheeky monkey. Though he may have had a point. I SAID HE MAY HAVE HAD A POINT! Yes a tad deaf now it’s true.

I was speaking after the lunch and the atmosphere in the room was so warm and welcoming that for a change I didn’t need a large whisky and an oxygen tent before I got up.

My Mum came with me and she had a ball to – out of the house, away from the football, eating, drinking and raising money for charity – result! A great cause and they will doing it all again next year. Put it in the diary   – it’s a great day !


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