Naked man in Water of Leith, Edinburgh.

Good God. I nearly lost my breakfast yesterday. Walking the hairy hounds along the water of leith with my pal when we came round a corner only to spot a naked man standing in the water.

For Gods sake! Look! I screeched.

Here he is enjoying a day out before coming to Edinburgh.

My pal Fiona stopped and we stared at him.

It’s a statue. I said observantly as we stood gazing. AND its anatomically correct. We smirked like a pair of dafties.

There are 6 of them altogether. One buriedup to his neck in the Modern Art Gallery grounds and the other 5 dotted along the Water of Leith. They are by Anthony Gormley, Turner Prize Winner and creator of Angel of The North. This being Nudist of the Further North.
Being mature women we decided to sit and watch as other people ambled past and noticed this rather large naked man standing in the water.

A shriek.

A grab of the arm.

He had better watch it or his toes will go all wrinkly.

A laugh.

2 labradors barked at it and leapt into the water half swimming out towards it before thinking better of their idea and returning to the shore, worried and unsure.

A disapproving glare.

It’s called 6 Times and we watched about 6  people reacting very differently. I’m just waiting for the Mary Whitehoue of today to write ‘ The water of leith is a place where children play! How dare they erect (pun intended) a naked man’ . Have a wander, have a look, it’s striking and apparently it’s in the image of the sculptor himself.  So be nice – he’s a big boy! Ahem.


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