Thai me down and make me drink!

Not a good look

Our pals Eddie & emma arrived from doon sooth yesterday and we haven’t seen them in about 4 years so it wasn’t going to be quiet.Due at 6pm I nipped out at about 5pm to take the dogs for a walk and met two of my neighbours celebrating finishing exams with a bottle of wine so I joined them for a quick swig. Then as I joined in the chat I heard a ‘HEEELLLOOO!’ from across the communal garden yup Eddie & Emma had arrived so crack open another bottle why don’t you? OK if you insist.

Then we were off to the launch of a new book called The Greatest Game at Bonhams in Edinburgh . Sponsored by Bollinger it was a rip snorting book launch if ever I drank..oops… I mean saw one. The book is, as you will have detected from the title, a new entertaining tome about the joys, pain and history of the game that so many love and others find terminally boring. The illustrations by Hugh Dodd are brilliant, excellent but equally very funny indeed and  Prof. David Purdie has done the text which is a hoot describing the mannerisms and strange quirks of yer average golfer and the history of the game done is a very humorous way. It is the prefect gift for the golf lover in your life which is great as it’s Davids birthday on Monday.  So we left there full of Bollinger, a book each in our oxter and a signed one in my handbag for the boys birthday.

Best Thai in Edinburgh

Out we sloped into the Edinburgh night – and up to Thistle Street ready for a light snack. Ducit was the chosen spot – Thai food at the highest level – fantastic. SLURP. Eddie ordered everything

as he is a Thai food fanatic and we scoffed the lot. Really everything was top notch. I may go and live there – if we are allowed back. We got home and did we go to bed? Why no of course not! Straight into the wine for a last snorkle.

So a quiet night in Edinburgh…..NOT. And on we go..already looking 134 …Eddie and Em are here for another night…..the weekend is here..the sun is shining……wish me luck!


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