Twitter, tweet, twaddle.

This is what happens if you isolate yourself too long.

Twitter, facebook and the internet now isolate us. Todays news. Is it news? Having moved from printed media to the internet I can only agree. It’s true. The hours spent sitting hunched over a desk writing and posting detracts from the real life that is still, thankfully,out there. Spending time away from the technological distractions of day to day life means real life gets an opportunity to seep back in. Slowing down, spending time sitting on a wall chatting to a complete stranger about …well…nothing. Sitting completely still and staring out to sea in total peace.

Last week I was in Argyll, the wild, green, rolling mountains, watching eagles and buzzards (I am the only in Scotland that still likes them!), deer, squirrels and  seals.  Of all the  impressive animals we came across it was a  Blackbird  whose song was incredibly chipper and amusing – that turned my head. And when did I hear it?  At 3am! I did. There I lay in a B&B on Mull as the sun came up  and this bird just started. To begin with I was highly irritated ‘how dare it interfere with my sleeping’ but as I lay there listening I found myself  alone in bed laughing at the sheer joy of this twittering wee feather pot.
Sitting staring at screens, all day is a means to an end but as time goes on I believe  the original Twitterer aka the birds have more validity in this mad bad world than the short blurts of information that an increasing number of people feel compelled to share with us. That geezer who was negotiating with BA on behalf of the enployees Twittering  during the meeting made me think what a rude, distracted pillock – I mean how could he be concentrating on representing the enployees who had entrusted their future potential strike and livelihoods with the due care and attention it deserved when he was texting on Twitter. I reckon he needed a slap for that. No Twitter and I are going to fall out longterm. So whether this heralds the begining of a stupendous mid-life crisis or not remains to be seen. But if I start googling Bill Oddie, wearing  Birkenstocks and knitting my own balaclavas I have instructed  my husband permission to phone Location Location Location and Find me a Place in the Country now.


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