Training schedule day 2 – in the bag.

Do nothing! That was Day 2’s training so I followed that to the letter and did…well….em…NOTHING.

Day 3 – today – just had to run for two lots of 3 minutes.  Launched into the baggy tracksuit first thing and made the effort to chuck the dogs into the car and go to the park. I thought it might be a modicum easier than the 2 lots of 5 minutes the other night but hey ho – it was definitely worse. Wheezing coughing the usual sweaty heap I bump into an elderly man who used to play for the British Lions who I know quite well. His eyebrows damn near shot off the top of his head when he clocked me.

I’m doing a 10 k

When? he grinned

13th June

His grin widened with his eyes ‘Good luck!’

Thanks I squeaked thundering past. Of course 5 minutes later mortified I walked past him on my way back to the car. Him jaunty and smiling.  Me red and wet headed. He is 75. I am not. Allegedly.


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