Politicians politicians everywhere and not a drop of sense.

Typical bloke. What's he talking about do you think?
Alex Salmond – dear God

When was the last time you saw a politician quivering on your doorstep complete with fake smile brandishing outstretched hand wanting to be your new best friend. Exactly. Not for years and then with the news of an imminent election all stones are upturned once again and out they crawl.

Really they must think we’re stupid. There are people in real life who treat other people like that. Ones who talk to you and smile at you one day and then don’t bother their arse with you the next. I have made it my lifes work to avoid these people. Fair weather friends, social climbers, snobs, liars, hypotcrits, pains in the arses the lot of them  and in my opinion politicians fit into every single one of those categories.

Billy the Whizz

Having said that I have voted. I believe it’s a privilege to live in a democracy and not to vote is wrong.   But what a shower. Whoever wins – just check your diary the next time you see them or any of the others on the street shaking hands, smiling and scaring babies – yup exactly don’t hold your breath it’ll be years.

Gordon Brown demonstrates he's even sick of himself.


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