Mulling over invasion of the accent snatchers.

Now I love islands. I especially like Scottish islands but I have to say I have returned from Mull with two lasting impressions.

We found less kilts and more this sort of thing

1. Calmac ferries are brilliant – they did not take the mickey out of me for booking my ferry the wrong way round. The staff were smiley, helpful and as a Scots firm I want to say a huge THANKS  to  them for being flexible and making life easy.

2. Speaking of Scots. There’s no’ many left on Mull?

I am not a xenophobe but everywhere we stopped on the island had been visited by invastion of the accent snatchers. It became a quest to find a Scot and there was a  collective whoop of delight and familiarity when we fell into Cafe Fish on night one. A cracking restaurant with a top team of girls rushing around serving the freshest seafood you can imagine. Crayfish and langoustine Caesar salad was the starter, huge and delicious. An instant hit.

Next I went for the scallops. I can’t help it I’m addicted. And they were top banana.  God the thought of them now makes me want to jump back on the boat and go back. The food and atmosphere was such that we booked to go back two nights later and did. And we weren’t disappointed. If the boat hasn’t caught it you won’t be eating it! Wonderful stuff. So if you get to Mull and need a fix of Scots food and accents then head here immediately you will not be disappointed.

3. Last but not least we noticed the local butcher is shut. The one on the main street at Tobermory. He had a sticker in his window saying they were sorry but they had no choice. About 3 doors along the Co-op’s bright green signage beamed out. Sob. The multi-nationals are worming in – it’s a heart breaking thing to see.


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