What a bummer.

Woke up this morning and the half wit labrador was looking a tad traumatised. On inspection I found a bunch of bananas in her bed. She collects items from our kitchen for nesting purposes when she has a sore bum and needs comfort. We have found shoes, eggs, bread, potatoes, jumpers and even a daffodil in the past. I know it sounds like a joke but it’s not – especially if you’re her.  She was born with a bad bum which needs to be sorted every few months by Victor our long suffering vet. I phoned him.

Hi Victor it’s me.

BEFORE: you can see she is gravelling her bum here.

Oh no it’s not Sammy’s bum is it?

Yup I said get the glove out we’ll be in later this morning. Poor man.

As Victor did the necessary he told me if you lined up 50 labradors back ends in front of him he would know Sammy’s with no difficulty at all. Well  I said impressed, have you thought about showcasing that on Britains Got Talent? His answer is unprintable.

AFTER : jaunty, waggy and happy with friend Nellie.

So here we are an hour and a half later. One traumatised vet and one happy dog.


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