The Way Out Wacky Races to get back to the UK

Dick Dastardly clearly running the car rental company.

£4500 is what my pals have been forced to pay to rent a car  to get their party of 11 back to Scotland from Spain. They went over for a long anticipated week of fun and sun to celebrate a 50th birthday and they took the whole family.

A 90 year old Great Aunt, 2 parents in their 80’s, a brother & sister with their respective families including kids ranging from 7 to 13.

Not only did it rain all week but also their return journey was scuppered completely by the volcanic ash.

With a business to run, schools going back and no end in sight they approached a local car rental firm who quoted £4500 for 2 cars for 3 days. Outraged they shopped around only to discover this was the best deal they were going to get. Every car in Europe is booked and these guys are making hay whilst the ash falls.
They are enroute as I write.

Lost his hair, grown a beard due to stress driving home.

Last night they had made it as far as Biarritz in the South of France. Fraught, exhausted and skint they had to find somewhere to stay as you can’t tell a selection geriatrics to curl up on the back seat with a donut and a bottle of Buckfast.

So now they have until tonight to get to Zeebruge to get the last 11 spaces on the the over night Ferry back to Rosyth.

How glad are you you’re not in that car?


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