Identity Theft – a blessing!

The Iron Chefs - blimey!

Weekend looms and on Monday Iron Chef starts on Channel 4 5pm.  I’m a judge on 5 of the shows and my pal sent me a text the other night saying ‘saw the promo on the telly you’re looking good’. Well I was immediately suspicious considering I had been up at 5am to get there in the snowy conditions for the recording I knew I was looking baggy to say the least. So the other night teenwolf shouted ‘Iron Chef trailers on’ and I rushed through only to see the last snippet , yes she was right I was looking good! It wasn’t me!  It was Joanna Blythman, The Sunday Herald food critic and considerbly more perky than I.  Still if you’re around Monday 5pm check it out it’s a blast!


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