Cafe Fish – WHOOP!

Once in a blue moon the long suffering husband and I make a date to see each other. Yes we live in the same house. Yes we sleep in the same bed but it is seldom, during the hours of daylight we can be seen in the same place at the same time. This excludes breakfast when no-one talks we just point at food and grunt by way of please and thank you before shuffling off to start out respective days. So date day today. The place? Cafe Fish in Leith.

Obviously these 2 nitwits weren't there - they'd put you off your food really.

£10 for a 2 course lunch and with a fish theme it as ticking all the boxes before we started. Large airy bright room with stainless steel tables and bar, a traditional room but with a clever use of new and old. Starters we both went for Fish Pakora, light batter, a hint of spice and moist fish within, To the side a small light chilli dipping sauce which was slurped up too.

Main courses I went for sardines. Yes they have bones but I have read so much about the more oily fish you eat the better your skin is that I actually believe it and scoff them at any opportunity. Two sardines arrived draped over a big hunk of Bruschetta which was rich, slurpy and fantastic. Old man river ordered smoked haddock and bacon risotto which was top dish – creamy, rice al dente, with generous flakes of haddock.

A glass each of the house Sauvignon and the date was deemed  a great success. We have decided to see each other again. Though obviously we’re taking things slowly after all, you don’t want to spoil a good thing.


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