Kate Winslet pulls out of premier. Diddums!

Not looking too pleased with him here to be honest.

So it’s reported Kate Winslet isn’t turning up to her film premiers because she can’t take the press attention during the split of her relationship with Sam Mendes. Well excuse me Miss Hollywood Bubble what about the rest of the world?  What would happen if a  surgeon, pilot, train driver,  Politician ( ah well there’s aye an exception)  and any other jobbing human didn’t turn up when having an emotionally fraught time. Yes the world really would come to a stand still.

Kate Winslet is a film star and the clue is in the title. It’s  the film that makes the star and then further down the line, at Ms Winslet’s stage, the star that makes the film. So Kate  don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down. Get it together, get out there and do what you were paid to do. The job doesn’t finish when the camera stops rolling. The Press, the premier and the ongoing publicity is what the whole  thing  hinges on and alongside  that, the security and future of the thousands of people who rely on that film being a success are at stake. It’s not all about you.

She has just pulled out of attending the premier  in New York this coming week of  A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back To Autism a film which she voiced.  The date of the premier 2nd April , 2010 Internationl Autism Awareness Day. Can you imagine the difference it would have made if she was standing on the red carpet, looking fabulous and clearly engaged with the subject of the film?  Something that effects hundreds of thousands of people who can’t just turn round and say ‘oh sorry feeling a bit down can’t make it sorry’. People living with autism have no choice and through strength of character and raising the profile of the issues they face on a day to day basis find the impetus to carry on. That is what this film is about not about the emotional fraught voice over artist.

OK she’s going through a hard time and that  really is a damn shame but  why not try and take a leaf out of the book of some of the women you have played in your acting life. Rise above it. Step up to the plate. Show a bit of backbone. People will respect you all the more. Don’t  turn round and bite the hand that feeds you or next time that younger, more maleable actor may get the call whilst your phone remains eerily silent.

Eerily quiet phone. Of course maybe it's not plugged in.


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