The Sunday Mail Column no more – it’s here!

Woke up this morning in a strange place – here! First time in over 10 years I’m not lurking on Page 3 of The Sunday Mail and thanks for clicking in. This webby nonsense is so much more fun.First, if you’ve got a minute register your e mail on the right here and you’re in the draw for a bottle of champagne and a designer handbag!

Aye - the drink!
Then have a click round the site. All the tabs at the top of the page Day-to-Day, Meet The Family and Diary.  You’ll meet the dogs, the make-up artists who rebuilt my baggy face for filming this week and my pal Fi after a sherry, dancing in the loos of the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh as ever acting the goat. So posting stuff day-to-day is how to goes in Blog Land.

But over and above that for old times sake…here we go.

Off to Daily Record Restaurant of The Year awards at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange. All foodies from far and wide gather as Tam Cowan hosts the event with a twinkle in his eye and a sharp tongue in his head. Here is he handing over The Restaurant of The Year to The Peat Inn. Mr & Mrs Geoffrey Smeddle, the owners and the wee blonde bombshell in the middle Denise West from Daily Record/Sunday Mail.

Geoffrey & Mrs Smeddle - The Peat Inn - Restaurant of The Year !

There is a full list of the winners if you look at the link below this photographs so you can plan  where to stuff your chops when next going out for a special meal. It was a grand night.

The model of good behaviour last night cos to do a new Channel 4 TV show and don’t want to look like a red faced puff adder.  Spent the evening stuffing chocolate down my face instead of wine washed down with a vat of coffee meant I got about1 hours sleep. So today I am sporting the Joe Bugnar squishy faced look . Filming  til end of the week and got the directive from wardrobe today.

Wardrobe Angels from John Lewis.

No black, no white, no primary colours, no stripes, no patterns in other words – no clothes! Rush off to John Lewis where I stand vacant and confused shuffle until I’m rescued by these two lovely women who took me by the hand and got me sorted. How I love them.

Have to be on set by 7.30am so over egg the pud and leave home about 5am thanks to the dramatic weather forecast for the central belt. The result of this? I am sitting in the car in the dark in Govan by 6.30am. Whoopee. Frozen to the step as things are opened up and in we go to la la land. A monumental set and a shed load of crew it’s going to be a spectacular production. Lights, camera and a bag to put over  Ms Craigs head please.

That’s all I can say just now other than to state that I want a make-up artist to live in my house. The girls succeed in rebuilding me, aka baggy troll into an acceptable faced vertical woman. How I love them. Watch them in action if you click on Day-to-Day at the top of this page. They’re going to do regular films for Alison’s Diary which you can see here every week. JOY! We will all look 21 OK well maybe 25.

12-15cm of snow in the central belt beware the weather they shouted from every news program in town. Eejit that I am, I fell for it again so am off in the middle of the night and yet again arrived about an hour too early.As I sit too cold in the car and wanting to attack a weatherman I get a text from pal Tracy who is snowed in at her house in Aberdeenshire again. She is so fed up with it she is digging herself out to get the kids to school if it’s the last thing she does.

Michael Fish, come back all is forgiven -apart from the jumper.
Tracy exhibiting a little stress and frustration about the snow

 It may well be by the sound of her dragging her spade around like Jack Nicholson in The Shining shouting ‘Here Comes Tracy!’ Beware the Banchory Barking One is on the rampage.

Last days filming, by end of day sitting gathering my thoughts before driving home and the phone rings. Yes? Hi Mum it’s me says teenwolf. Hi! I say warming to the sound of his voice How are you? I ask ‘Well I’d be fine if you would stop hiding the cable to my PS3. Where is it?’ That boy is all heart you know!

Above you can see another parent took action to stop the PS3 causing any more arguements in their house!

Hit the pub to watch the match. Huh! Scotland V Italy. Dear God what happened?

Token naked rugby player for the girls!

Stayed in the pub and watched as the Irish beat the English then got the bus home to lament the Scottish result only to find there are two Frenchmen, one playing the guitar, teenwolf, Dave and his pal Guy and his two sons all sitting round eating and giving us the benefit of their knowledge of rugby. Ahem. Go and hide in the kitchen. Men! Big, small, medium, British and French they are talking through a hole in their heads. No change there. Now as newspapers aye find an excuse to publish a photo of a half naked girl – look girls it’s our turn! Here’s the rather gorgeous Scottish player Chris Cussiter making old women everywhere very happy!


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