Early morning ahead, BAD

Me, prior to make-up this morning.

As you can see above early morning is not my thing and tomorrow, Wednesday,  I’ve  to be at work by 7.30am  to go on camera –   ha ha ha ha ha – I can hear you from here. And quite right too. Long gone are the days when I can wake up in the morning with the same shaped face as the one that I took to bed the night before. In fact I am considering not going to bed at all to save the  melted wax face making an appearance on national telly. 

Of  course I will, and then there I will  lie. awake for hours worrying about whether  I’ve got the right clothes in my bag, how long will it take me to get there, will anyone see my hands on camera? The fingers are stumpy with raggedy nails and frankly would put anyone off their dinner – normally not an issue but this is a  cooking program so I may have to wear gloves.  I will look  like a bad Michael Jackson tribute act -with two gloves instead of one. Hey ho. 

Me showing off my new mono glove to hide my nails

Actually I did enquire as to whether or not there was a plastic surgeon on the set and they laughed. They though I was joking.  Which is why I look a bit angry in this photograph.  Nice hat though.

Will update once I get a look in the make-up artists back as to her latest tricks to hold back the years. Alx


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